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Thursday, 21 July 2011

Pottery Barn Knock Offs :)

So the other project that took a lot of time, but once it's set up in the living room it is gonna be well worth the wait! is our coffee table and end table :) The same guy that we bought the Desk and a few other things from also had a ton of wood laying around his barn that he wanted to get rid of so for 80$ we bought 5 pc from him....

Wait and see what the outcome was.. a whole lot of cutting and sanding, then some stain and polyurethane and WOW these tables look like they are right out of pottery barn's store! Im so glad we did this and not forked out 1500$ for the ones we wanted! these are great, the best part about it.. the wood that we used to build it is 150 years old so it has a lot of character to it and that's what I love most! :) Say tuned for after photos :) All together we spent 220$ on both the coffee and end table together.

finished coffee table! from the above barn wood! :) end table behind it! its a piece that you just have to see in person

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