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Thursday, 21 July 2011

95 year old Oak Desk

the original wood was nice then they painted an awful colour on it.. this is what we found..

its gonna be a beauty!

One of our first projects that I'm really excited to share is this beautiful "typewriter desk" from 1916 (I thought it was around 1930 but I found an engraving in the desk that says est 1885 made 1916) I found a man out in Flamborough, ON who bought a piece of property with an old barn and he had a treasure of things :) crazy guy wanted to sell it all! I say crazy bc I would have been in my glory to have it all lol anyways I was there to buy an old white window frame from him (will post that in a few weeks when I'm done) but as I walked through his barn I noticed this desk in the corner just covered with wood and a bunch of other things. So I quickly took a peek and instantly fell in love. My first thought was "wow it's kinda big and bulky" but there I scratched through the paint and seen the wood. That was it! I had to have it! I offered him 50$ and that was it :) so over the last three weeks, the stripping and sanding has been hell but my god is it gonna look amazing! Picked out the stain last week and got the drawers done! This project should be completeled within the next two weeks & all together we spent 115$ on it :) can't wait to share the final outcome.

What was underneath the stripping & sanding...

The Stain! :)
This is the middle piece stained...

The Drawers.. stained ... No intensions on doing the whole thing! Its already wayy to much to sand/strip/stain lol

Shot of the one info piece I found.. the other one has the date it was made
The front of the first stained drawer
Stain has been done three times, now its time for the satin finish :)
the satin finish
drawer one drying
its turning out just as I pictured! The centre of the desk drying after satin finish

desk with two coats on stain, still one more to go and a layer or three of satin finish!

so I decided to keep the original handles as is. but after staining and finishing the drawers and I held them up to it I wasn't too pleased.. so THANK GOD for good ole'rust oleum, a little bit of spraying and they now look amazing! so still the original handles, just an update :).. wait until you see what I have to match them ;)

so this is another shot kinda up close of the original handle

handles painted ~
hard to tell in the pics but they look much better and in person :)
The desk should be done by this week.. just a few more coats and its set up time! :) yay!

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