Before & After

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Mason Jar Barn Wood Flower Holder?! not sure what to call this one :)

So Im in LOVE. :) This is why....

the piece of barn wood- cut to size

the hooks

the lovely mason jar - yes, its a slight obession



almost there...

top view..


yes my walls are suppose to be that style... will look better once the painting is done! :)

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Barn Wood Mason Jar Table Lamp

Some of that beautiful bar wood we got a while back has clued us in on another idea.... See what we do with:
-Rod Iron
-Mason Jar
-Barn Wood

mason jar - as is

gotta cut the rod

barn board pre cutting

cut to size

another view

stuff we need for a light


so far

getting there


Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Window Frames from the late 1800's

So I have ALWAYS had a LOVE for Old Window Frames and I was lucky enough to find a lady that was selling her old farm house/barn and just to happened to have a TON of the homes old windows. She gave them to me... FOR FREE. yay! :)

just a few of them.....

light sanding and some soap and water...
Just wait and see what I have planned for THIS one....
- Chicken Wire
- White Spray Paint
- Small Hooks

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Desk Lamp to match my new beautiful desk!

So Im not usually one to go to garage sales, but Im on this new mission for vintage/antiques and decided the other day - why not! So I came across just a plain ole lamp, nothing special, nothing really vintage, BUT there is one at .. yes, yes i know surprise, surprise.. at Pottery Barn haha that I LOVE but its 95$ so I figured why not buy it and paint it to match that one... it turned out great!! :) It matches the new updated handles on my new desk :) Im a little excited about this $2 purchase :) and 10 minute job! lol

lamp before